Job seekers

Finding work is stressful, it takes time, it’s draining and can be intimidating.

We understand the frustrations of looking for a job. You need extra work urgently, you’re a working parent and only available on certain days or you’ve moved to a new area. Or maybe you’re newly qualified in the industry, feeling uncomfortable at reaching out and you’re looking to build confidence and experience. 
job seekers

We have the solution for you to all of this.

The getHiring app helps you instantly connect and message with Hair & Beauty employers.
It’s free to register your profile & find your match
No CV needed – just register your skills and position you want
We’ll connect you with employers with available jobs within a 5 to 50-mile radius
Matches you with employers looking for your skills and availability
Flexible - finds an employer whenever you need them
Saves energy, time and takes the stress out of job hunting
Boosts confidence, will help to ease your pathway in the industry
Can broaden your experiences and looking at a variety of different options across the industry

Search, Connect, Succeed

We value you, we understand your worries in finding work and finding a job at the right place at the right time. Let us take the stress away and give you some of your precious time back to do more fun stuff. So if it’s extra hours you want, you need more flexibility, maybe you want to rent a chair in a salon or a therapy room. You may be looking for your next challenge or simply want a job closer to home.  Whatever your needs are, getHiring gives you access to the right opportunity.